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Welcome to Crooners Reinventing The Classic American Nightclub

The New Standards

August 2 & 3 – 7:00pm

Jazz Trio

The three core members of The New Standards all come from illustrious Twin Cities bands. Chan Poling founded the seminal Punk/New Wave band The Suburbs. John Munson was an original member of Trip Shakespeare and the chart-topping Semisonic. And Steve Roehm started on drums in the Texas punk outfit Billygoat and the avant-jazz Electropolis.

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A Unique Listening Environment

Crooners Supper Club is a unique listening environment balancing good times and a reverence for the contributions of musicians and artists. Please refrain from behavior during the show that adversely affects the experience of other guests or that disrupts the artists on stage. This includes side conversations, being on the phone, and dancing. We very much appreciate you complying with this policy for the benefit of everyone.

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Our unique merchandise items support our ongoing mission to safeguard our endangered local music scene. Every purchase you make helps us to keep our doors open, provide a sanctuary for artists, and sustain our audiences.

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